Pre-election 2024 Short Films and Explainers

This year is the 60th Anniversary of the British Election Study (BES), which is co-led by the University of Manchester and Nuffield College, Oxford, and now also the Royal Holloway University.

Co-Director of the BES, Professor Jane Green, explains important topics in the lead up to the next general election.

ITVX - Election Matters: Do General Election campaigns actually influence the result?

ITVX - Election Matters: Can we trust opinion polls, and how do they shape our politics?

ITVX - Election Matters: Why does Scotland matter so much in this election?

ITVX Election Explained: How Labour won the election in a landslide without a huge predicted jump in vote share.

Learn more about the BES from Professor Jane Green, Co-Director of the BES.

Professor Green explains the impact of Brexit on vote choice since the Brexit referendum and how it might influence the next general election.

Understanding more about electoral volatility and party switching may help inform the likely outcome in the next British general election.

Professor Anand Menon, Director of UKiCE talks to Professor Green about the next general election and what the campaign could look like.

More information about the British Election Study.