04 Dec 19 Brexit and British voters: Conference with the UK in A Changing Europe (videos available here -  date of videos is 04/12/19)

08 Oct 19 British Election Study: press conference

21 Jan 21 Interview on the upcoming local elections, ITV News (Meridian)

16 Jan 21 Interview on the upcoming local elections, The Week in Westminster, BBC Radio 4

03 Nov 20 Trump vs Biden: The Results, US election live, ITV

15 Oct 20 Support for Scottish Independence at Highest Ever Level, According to Poll, report featuring an interview with Professor Jane Green, ITV News

31 Jul 20 Will British politics become less volatile, and how important is ideology?, Never Mind The Bar Charts, Mark Pack's Podcast

10 Jul 20 Brexit Breakdown Podcast with Jane Green and Anand Menon, The UK in a Changing Europe Podcast

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Nov 19 Interview on young people, turnout, age and vote choice, News at Ten, ITV

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Aug 19 Today's Today, BBC Sounds

26 May 19 European Parliament elections, BBC Radio 4 

23 May 19 Studio live interview on European Parliament elections, News at Ten, ITV

17 May 19 Interview on Trust in institutions and evidence during Tri-Nuffield conference

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07 Feb 21 ​Why the wealthy were happy to back a Leave vote gamble, The Observer

05 Dec 20 Labour is winning back those who voted Tory for the first time last year, Independent

04 Dec 20 COVID-19: Tories' support slipping among new backers over PM's coronavirus handling - report, Sky News

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18 Nov 20 2019: A Critical Election? How to interpret the dramatic changes that have taken place in recent British general elections, 2020 Centre for British Politics Annual Norton Lecture

28 Jan 20 What do the results of the British general election mean for Labour and the left?, "Politics in Crisis" Series, LSE

24 Jan 20 How far was the December 2019 UK general election really about Brexit, Seminar series ''The European Union: Politics and Power in the Brussels System", European Institute, LSE

17 May 19 Trust in institutions and evidence, Tri-Nuffield Conference, Summary available here (page 8)

24 Mar 19 Professor Jane Green, Keynote speaker, RAP Symposium, Democracy, Governance and Inclusive Growth