Nuffield Elections Unit

The Nuffield Elections Unit houses the Oxford-based leadership of the current British Election Study and the Local Elections Centre, with Nuffield Associate Members Professor Colin Rallings and Professor Michael Thrasher. The Elections Unit is led by Professor Geoff Evans.

Our research on representation covers class politics, the role of Brexit in British political choices, attitudes towards immigration, gender, and wider analyses of British general elections.

Current projects include:

1. Understanding the restructuring of class voting in Britain following the Brexit referendum

2. Examining the impact of party ideological positions on non-voting by social class, age cohort and political values

3. Comparing the predictive validity of implicit attitudes and explicit prejudice for understanding sex and race effects in candidate evaluation

4. Developing measures of gender discrimination and sexism and their role in Brexit support

5. Analysing how the Conservative Party obtained support from Leave voters and won the 2019 election

6. Partisanship and the Pandemic: An Experimental Test of How Voters Assess Government Performance

Our co-authored book, Electoral Shocks: The Volatile Voter in a Turbulent World (open access) was reviewed in the Financial Times (login required). We are working on the British Election Study analysis of the 2019 British general election.