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Eleni Kechagia-Ovseiko

Academic Office
Senior Tutor

I joined Nuffield in September 2013 as the College’s first professional Senior Tutor. In this role I am responsible for managing the College’s academic operation, including student admissions, academic and post-doctoral appointments, academic administration, and generally anything that relates to the College’s academic work and mission. I enjoy working closely with the College’s students and Fellows and helping them achieve their academic goals. I also take a great interest in welfare, and equality and diversity matters and aim to ensure that the College continues to be an inclusive, friendly, supportive and enriching academic community for its students, Fellows and staff.

Before turning to a career in academic administration, I was a Research Fellow in Classics and Ancient Philosophy. My research interests lie broadly in the field of history of ancient philosophy, with a special focus on Hellenistic and post-Hellenistic philosophy, biography and ancient scientific thought. I have written mostly on aspects of Plutarch’s philosophical work (including a book on the Adversus Colotem). I continue to keep in touch with my academic ‘self’ and aspire to pursue my research interests as an aside to my role as Senior Tutor. My current project focuses on Plutarch’s attitude to ancient scepticism.

Office: room C3

Eleni Kechagia-Ovseiko


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